Candace Thompson


As the saying goes, “never miss a chance to dance!” Despite having such a rigorous schedule, Candace Thompson awarded us at Graduates Entertainment the opportunity to dance along for a few minutes. We are happy to share a little about Candace and her journey to becoming a dancer, performer, as well as a certified fitness professional. At the age of 20, Trinidad-born, Candace Thompson migrated to New York in order to pursue her dream career of becoming a dance performer. She developed a passion for dance when her mother enrolled her in dance classes at the tender age of 6. Although dance was not her only extracurricular activity during her days at St. Francois Girls' and St. George’s College in Trinidad & Tobago; it was the only one that provided a constant challenge, which kept her, engrossed enough to pursue a career in the arts. Since then, Candace’s diligence and dedication has earned her some reputable experiences throughout her career. She has worked with companies in both Trinidad and in New York City. In addition to these companies she has worked with the infamous Machel Montano, and amazing choreographers like Andrea E. Woods-Valdez, Andre Zachery, Christal Brown, and Sydnie L. Mosley, etc. Candace has an extremely diverse portfolio when it comes to the different genres of dance. She graduated from Adelphi University with a BFA in dance along with the Ruth St. Dennis Award for excellence. However, being the overachiever that she is, her performances include Afro-Caribbean, Classical Modern, Modern/Contemporary, Contemporary/Floor Technique, Jazz, Soca, as well as West African Dance. There is one thing that we could never get too much of, and that is ADVICE. It is certainly people like Candace whom we yearn to get advice from because, let’s face the facts, we all want to be successful. Regardless of what career path you may choose to pursue, Candace’s advice to you is “Make sure that this is what you really want to do with your life and that you want it for the right reasons. It isn't an easy road. It is fulfilling, but it comes with a lot sacrifice and sleepless nights.” Although Candace has successfully made her dream into a reality, her journey is interminable. What is she up to now, you may ask? To absolutely no surprise, Candace continuously seeks ways to stay grounded and to expand the aspects of the Caribbean Culture that are less popular. Her two latest initiatives include her solo dance project called ComtempCaribe and Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE, which is an organization that seeks to represent Caribbean Dance Practitioners, Choreographers, and Performers. Even though Candace is anxious about her new project due to limited resources and unforeseeable challenges, she is able to stay afloat with the support of her mother and sister. Be sure to keep your eyes out for their first performance in June, show some support, and check out their Facebook page to remain connected with Candace!

Also, below is one of her upcoming performances in which tickets are for sale!

New Traditions: A Showcase for Caribbean Choreographers June 7, 6pm at St.Francis College, Founders Hall. $15 Online purchase:

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