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If you are or know someone from the Caribbean, there’s no doubt you know a Grandpa James, Sheldon, Rass, Haitian Jean, or any one of the hysterically dynamic characters played by IG growing sensation, Majah Hype. Starting his hilarious skits only in December, Graduates Entertainment had to sit down with the comedian who has created a tremendous buzz on Instagram newfeeds and other social networks to find out what life is like outside of the 15 second clips that we can’t get enough of.

So the question we just had to ask, the one on EVERYBODY’s mind, the one you bet your friends $20 on, was the first piece of information we had to get from Majah Hype! Where are you from?? If you bet Jamaica…don’t collect your money just yet! When asked the infamous question, Majah Hype answered, “I’m Caribbean, and represent Caribbean people!” Sensing the obvious disappointment, it was made clear by Majah that, “I don’t want to marginalize any group of the Caribbean. I don’t want to be confined to one demographic.” By the hundreds of Caribbean people who claim Majah as their own, there’s no doubt that he has an undeniable talent imitating to the T, some of the funny and sometimes true aspects of Caribbean life. “I don’t make fun of Caribbean culture, what I try to do is keep the culture in our society. Most of the kids that are representing our culture are born here [US]. It’s reached to the point that we start to lose the trace of Caribbean culture. I’m trying to put our culture out there in a way that is not shunned…It’s also making fun of stereotypes society hold on to. Not all Jamaicans smoke weed. Haitians don’t eat cat. These are stereotypes that people believe!” At the end of the day Majah says the main thing to realize about the Caribbean is that like Jamaica’s motto, “Out of many, one people.” And even more importantly, “When sh-t hits the fan, they sending everybody back! So we gotta stick together!”

Ever since he was young, Nigel Johnson had a great sense of humor. So what took Majah so long to make his debut in December, doing skits such as “Dat Does Piss Me Off,” “Inside Pocket Chat,” and “West Indian Watcher?” Growing up in a strict Christian household, where Sunday school was mandatory, he was always busy with instruments, or other activities that kept him out of trouble. “At the time I used to be mad, like why can’t I go around the corner, or do this or that.” But reflecting back, Majah admits that it was that very structure (enforced by his grandfather) that kept him focused and allowed him to develop his talents. The comedian also shared that growing up in the 90’s being funny wasn’t cool. “I grew up when it wasn’t cool to smile, wasn’t cool to laugh, or be the funny guy. Every picture you took had to be screw face.” However, with overwhelming encouragement from friends, and a growing fan base, Majah decided to put aside all inhibitions, including a job as a Sandhawk (tunnel builder) and pursue his talents fulltime.

Majah Hype is clearly at the beginning of what will be a bright career. The comedian/actor/singer/producer/DJ (DJ for Massive B) has an upcoming documentary that will give viewers a full portrayal of his life, a much more in depth look than the 15 seconds we’ve become used to. Early September we’ll be on the lookout for his independent film, “Foreign Minds Think Alike,” a film based on his most popular skits.

When asked what advice he had for budding actors, singers, and entertainers who are trying to make their way into the world of entertainment, Majah Hype offered the following words: “Talent is a big genre, whatever god set you out to do, perfect it, do it to your best extent. People need to find your lane, find what you’re good at and stick with. And don’t give up for anyone. Sometimes people will see a certain fire in you, and want to stop it. Don’t let them!”

Majah Hype is a talent that we look forward to seeing on our Instagram, or any social media. However, at the rate of his rising popularity, seeing him on the big screen may not be too far away.

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