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It's a usual sunny, 70 something degree day in Los Angeles, CA. On this Friday afternoon, two sisters under the spell of the upcoming weekend are enjoying colorful and cool drinks in the outdoor section of a Culver City restaurant.

While taking a slow sip of Johnny walker, Reanna O'Garro catches the eye of a woman walking on the sidewalk that borders the eating area. The passer by diverts from her previous mission. Her face filled with a curiosity. "Excuse me. That necklace is soooo cute. Where did you get it?"

Reanna graciously takes a break from her drink to answer the young lady's question. "This happens all the time. That's why we started OH Trends," said the smiling co-owner of OH Trends Keren Hendrickson. Her sister Reanna O'Garro is the other half that makes up the fashion forward brand OH Trends.

"What we want to do with OH Trends is give our consumers the pieces that can help them to be the "pop" in the crowd. We're still growing our inventory, but right now we have men's and women's accessories, men's T-shirts, and women's swimsuits."

OH Trends is an online fashion brand that contributes exquisite fashion for any occasion. The sleek, clean and simple look of the website (ohtrends.com) allow the products to be the star. "We've already gotten close to 600 followers on Instagram in a matter of days and the people are really liking it so far." Reanna O'Garro enthusiastically states.

The business is still in the very early stages of launching, but we're impressed at Graduates Entertainment and we expect to see big things from OH Trends in the future.

For more information or to purchase their products, visit ohtrends.com.

OH Trends | www.OhTrends.com | OhTrends@gmail.com

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