King Pin


Graduates took the time to catch up with arguably one of the hottest names that rings locally and abroad in the soundclash business.

Some of us dream about seeing new cities while getting paid to pursue our life’s passions, however, very few of us ever do…that is unless you are Dwayne Kellman, better known as King Pin from the King Addies.

So how did this born and raised Brooklynite become such a popular DJ among the Caribbean social circle?

With influences from his two Bajan parents it’s a no brainer how King Pin can get crowds moving. “Growing up in a Caribbean household my parents were no strangers to reggae music, my dad loved playing all the oldies. I remember he had a bunch of records in his crates and he played music all day. I enjoyed the music my dad played.” With access to greats such as Edwin Yearwood, his knowledge of quality music began to grow and ultimately transitioned him to clashing online for fun.

Years before he adopted the name King Pin, Dwayne was a young talented drummer at church. He always felt that someday he would be a great musician playing some sort of instrument. Little did he know that with time and adolescence, his passion in music would shift to the art of DJing.

King Pin career started with a Queens based sound named Melotex. Playing with the group allowed him to do what he loved most, working both as a mc and a skilled DJ. He remains as one of the few Djs who can both speak and juggle tunes at the same time. Kellman admitted that with time he became more interested in clashing. Ironically, it was through clashing that Dwayne was discovered by his current group members, the Addies. Since then, the sky has been the limit.

Dwayne was invited by King Addies to play, which eventually turned out as the perfect opportunity. Dwayne always felt that his talent would bring him alongside internationally known groups, and at the age of twenty-five Kellman was given his big break. In the two years since joining with the Addies, he has been able to spread his passion for music all over the world. “It’s only been two years and I’ve already been to Germany, England, Japan, Jamaica, Canada and Bermuda.”

It was quite exciting listening to Dwayne talk about his passion for music as well as his recent travels with King Addies. His name currently floods google and youtube with clashes locally and abroad. King Pin’s untouched fortune lies in Jamaica where he has only traveled for dublates, but is yet to clash or play in the caribbean island. “I want to continue touring with Addies, Africa for sure and other islands as well, but seeing that Addies is already a brand, in another three or five years, I would love for us to take our brand into different markets. Maybe we can consider a clothing line.” With such talent it won’t be long until we see King Pin accomplish his future goals.

You can be sure to catch King Pin at any good soca party around brooklyn staying connected with friends and observing the scene.

(As for his relationship with Melotex, the influential DJ revealed that “there’s no hard feelings…we’re still cool we still touch base from time to time…”)

We at Graduates Ent are no outsiders to the name King Pin. He cemented his name into our history books being our very first hired DJ for both BIB and Graduation in 2010, rocking the crowds unforgettably. Be sure to look out for an anticipated King Pin return!!

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