As the weather goes back and forth like a teenage kid confused between two lovers, we at Graduates Ent are now entering "Graduates Season". No umbrellas, raincoats, or boots needed—just pure VYBZ! So this season prepare yourself for the ultimate pump – 5 different Parties! 5 different concepts! 5 more times you’ll promise you’ll never drink again… all in 6 months!

Get ready for: HomeComing, Kumbiaya: My Pump, REIV, Boonducks, and ThnkQ

Starting April 26th, we take you indoors for the already sold out Graduation HomeComing. Live your college days all over again with, beers, jocks, jeans, beers, converses, girls, beers, fraternities, hangovers, and more beers! We strongly recommend you assign your DD from NOW!

On Memorial Saturday pump season continues when we take you outdoors for Kumbiaya: My Pump! Start summer the way you want to, the risk is only in what you decide to wear! See what happens when Tony Cross, Dj Dayne & Graduates Ent release an event. If that doesn't excite you enough then you probably didn't play in Tribe. In that case we totally understand the weakness of your pump. Repossess yourself and party in the spotlight of the sun along with a dj cast set to start a fight with your right fist and the sky! THIS IS MY PUMP!!!

Now it’s time for the REIV: Fun Cruise. If you were onboard last year, you helped us made Brooklyn boatride history, returning to the pier in 20 mins to restock the sold out bar! Let’s just say if vybz was on sale, we would’ve had another trip back to the shore!! Aboard REIV is where Victoria Secret Fashion Show meets the Road Carnival Tuesday, wining beauties on overload. REIV is an eyecandy event, single or not, come ready to play! …

Boonducks...just like its name, you won’t be able find a word in the dictionary to describe it! Real vybz, music, fun and that’s only the bus. Boonducks takes partying to a whole new level! Where the bus ends up…we’ll never tell. But do us a favor and search #Boonducks on Instagram. I rest my case.

We at Graduates Ent were brought up with manners and so we wrap up the season saying, “ThnkQ.” This is your final chance to “bump” into the girl you gave a dance in Homecoming, or show your friend that guy that was throwing up in Kumbiaya My Pump, that crew in REIV, yea that crew in REIV, and the chosen few from the Boonducks experience that has kept your secret. Through the fist pumping, laughing, singing, and wining there is one bond that will tie us together… We were able to #PumpLikeAGraduate! Graduates X Supporters! Live X Love X Pump

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