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How do you capture the nation of Trinidad & Tobago during the most anticipated time of the year (Carnival)?! Simple, sing about why carnival is done!

There is no better way to seize the month of March! We at Graduates Ent introduce to you Flipo, the man behind the hit, “Doh Tell Meh Dat”. Before we fast forward lets take a step back to explain why there is a story behind the name Flipo.

Seumas Callender aka Flipo was born and raised in the beautiful hills of Maracas St Joseph Trinidad. Never a lonely kid, Seumas grew up being a middle child to an older brother and a younger sister in his household, certainly enough siblings to create astonishing childhood memories. The previous Caribbean Union College student is now an artiste, and some can say they saw it coming as Seumas was known for singing Micheal Jackson songs as a kid. Lets be honest, most kids sing, but music without structure becomes loud noise. Its safe to say that Flipo understood this at a tender age and took the opportunity between ages 12-14 to attend and complete a music course offered by his community.

Do you know Flipo?

Little may you have known, Flipo is a jack of all trades. Don't believe me, just watch! Flipo hobbies/work included building beats, writing lyrics, rapping/singing and producing music. Flipo has done it all, stretching from Rap/Hip-Hop and Dance-hall to Soca and even R&B. Actually his preferred type of music is Hip-Hop, “I like the refreshing qualities in that music, you always have to come with something fresh and new to stand out.” Someone with this kind of talent leaves us eager to know who he admires as a favorite artiste: “I don't have one or a fixed group of artists that I favor, music is forever changing so I tend to adapt.”

Will it pay off?

In fact Flipo isn't just a lucky guy that fell out of the sky. He has definitely paid his dues and got his first break into the Trinidad & Tobago’s music industry with a Hip-Hop tune entitled “Another Murder” released 5 years ago which opened many doors for him. Considering the crime rate in Trinidad, this anti-crime song created a serious buzz at that time and featured cameos by Fireball, Don Kartel (RIP), Nebula 868 and Kertson Manswell just to name a few. Since the inception of his career, Flipo has been giving us unsung hits like “Tip / Bubble Gyal”, “street life” ft Fireball and “trouble” just to name a few. Flipo then dominated the swedish national radio charts in late 2013 with his hit song “doh tell me dat” which finished as the 10th best song of the year.

Doh tell me dat!

I dont think that anyone will disagree that this song has been hands down one of the greatest hits this Carnival Season and we get the feeling that it will go on way beyond the carnival playlist. Its honestly considered a masterpiece so in good faith we asked Flipo what is the hardest step in creating another masterpiece. He replied “releasing your music at the correct time.” Now that carnival is over, a regular day for Flipo is still doing interviews, Producing, writing and doing material all year long! Does this guy even sleep? Who needs sleep when you have the support of artiste like Bunji Garlin, Scarz, Benjai, H20 Phlo, Lil Bitts, Squeezy ranking, Umi Marcano, Mr King, Gailann and the late Fireball just to name a few.


Flipo songs are mostly inspired by his life experiences that he then transforms to his music. Anyone who has ever experienced carnival in Trinidad would certainly understand Flipo's lyrics “doh tell meh dat done!” A message to young talents : “Stay focused if this is something that you love and don't give up. If its for you then you will know and your time will come.” Sneak peek of where Flipo will like to be in the near future: “I would like to continue making great music that my listeners can continue enjoying while I represent my country Trinidad & Tobago globally.” Flipo is currently working on a new mixtape and boy are we eager to hear whats in store.

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