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How do you get the King of Soca Machel Montano to give you the spotlight for not one, but two of his hit songs? Simple… move like Brithany Dookie.

As the Carnival season is approaching, Graduates Ent seized the opportunity to interview the talented ex HD dancer Brithany Dookie. Girls you can admit it—You’ve either been caught or caught someone in the mirror whining down low. Like Brithany, you probably didn’t take dance classes to get your body to move so seductively. But unfortunately, this is probably where the dance similarities end.

This is Brithany Dookie’s story.

Living in the St. James community, Brithany attended St James Secondary, Northeastern College and ROYTEC. Growing up as an only girl, her spare time was spent doing gymnastics and dancing. Although Brithany never took serious dance classes in her childhood, she seemed to have been dancing freely as long as she could remember. So how do you go from free style dancing to choreographed dancing alongside Machel and the HD family in Germany, England, USA and islands of the Caribbean?

This is how it started!

While most know Brithany as one of “Machel’s Dancers,” her start in the Soca dance world began before the local mogul recruited her. Brithany was well known on the party scene in Trinidad for her unique and seductive dancehall moves. It was there that, soca artist, Umi Marcano spotted the dancer and presented her with an offer to feature on Soca Stars and other performances. From that point on, Brithany has been dancing her way onto stages and shows around Trinidad.

Brithany’s career continued to reach new heights when Machel Montano invited her to the shoot of his video “Blazing D Trail,” which was no surprise to her knowing what she could do. Her stand out performance for “Blazing D Trail,” video gave her the opportunity to feature in the Machel concert a few days later. This is probably where the surprise came; in addition to featuring in the Machel concert Brithany earned herself a solo performance for the Cuban hit maker Pitbull for the famous song “Gasolina”. Ever since then, Brithany’s sensational moves have been a token part of Machel’s tours; something that fans poke their heads in and out, and side to side so that not one shake, bend, or whine is missed.

We asked Brithany what separates her from other dancers and with confidence she replied, “I taught myself to be different and to always be an asset to an organization”. She is truly a talented dancer as she continued to share her story. Brithany boasted to have never once done the same routine for “Bend over” or “No Lie.” There were parts of the songs that were routine but she grasped any opportunity she could to do something different.

In this industry like any other, there are always highs and lows and we were eager to hear Britney’s.

In 2013, the hardest point in her career was dealing with the passing of her mother, Avagale Dookie. From the start of her career, her mother was her biggest fan and number one supporter. “After losing her, looking into the crowd has not been the same.” She remembers her mom always being in the front row for most, if not all her events. Brithany admitted that not being able to see her face in the audience brought her to an all-time low.

Brithany’s all-time high, she stated was simply just hearing thousands shout and repeat "Brithany Brithany Brithany". " I take the stage and do what I love doing. The bigger the crowd the better the performance!” Brithany added about the introduction to “Bend Over” performances.

The Show Must Go On

Breathless after taking Brithany’s Dancefit class in Park Slope, the topic on everyone’s minds had finally come up…No more Machel? What Happened? Who are the new girls? How do you feel about them? And as a true professional, Brithany had nothing but great things to say about the Soca Icon and his new group of dancers. In her words, “The Zen arts dancers are excellent dancers. Their style of dancing is different from what everyone expects from Machel but, change is good and I have no doubt that Trinidadians will grow to love them. Besides, Machel is an entertainer that surpasses the expectations of his fans and I believe he has something great in store for everyone with the new dancers.”

In terms of how Machel has influenced her work ethic Brithany replied, “Machel is very productive, passionate & persistent. He separates work from play. When it comes to work, get it done, give your all and do your very best, this is your job you're getting paid for this. When it comes to play, enjoy!"

Brithany credits Machel for being a great mentor and always pushing her to develop her skills as a dancer and working towards enhancing her career in the entertainment industry.

Even though Brithany is no longer with the HD family, her career has not ended. In fact, she is starting a new chapter; DANCEFIT, which is an intimate dance class combining fitness and dance. Her classes are offered in both Trinidad and New York and although females may just want to learn how to “Bend Ova” it’s also a fun way to keep in shape.

With such talent, there is no doubt that she will soon be dancing on a stage near you!

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