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Blogging about relationships is a very touchy subject for me, hence why I never do, but here goes:

(Please be advised that this blog post has no correlation to my current situation)

Today I had the luxury of getting the day off from work, I was excited because I was able to watch my favorite talk show “The Talk” which airs at 2pm Monday-Friday on CBS.

One of the questions proposed was: Is it okay to show off your man on a public platform?

The majority of the women said “no.” According to 90% of women, when you flaunt your man, it makes him more enticing to other women. This will cause other women to want to come after your man.

My opinion on this topic is rather simple:

I believe I should be able to flaunt my man as much as my little heart desires. All women that will try to get a piece should not matter one bit. Ofcourse I am confident that he will stone them away right? So no worries. I believe if a woman is not confident enough to flaunt her man she is extremely insecure. I mean why not let the world see how happy you are? That is under the condition that you are indeed actually happy and not putting on a facade for the crowd.

QUESTION 2: Is it okay to snoop?

MY OPINION: NO NO NO (I do not have to take a poll for this question, the flat out answer is NO)

If you have to snoop around through your significant others phone, email or social media, my friend, you have a serious problem. If you can’t trust them enough to be confident that they will not be doing dirt behind your back, then run along. Honestly, if you do go through their phone, chances are you will see something and you will get an illusion that it is actually more serious than it is.

For example: His long time cousin “Sharon” that he’s not close to at all that he forgot to tell you about text “Hey boo, long time, how you doing.” Then you throw a forbidden tantrum about him messing around with Sharon……feeling stupid yet?…..EXACTLY

If I have to call another woman or argue with him over another woman then that’s who he’s with, not me.

Both women & men tend to allow insignificant things to affect their perfectly healthy relationship.There are certain things that should always be done in a relationship to keep it afloat…..I’ve created a list: (Clears throat)

1) Keep God first (God IS love) READ: 1John 4:8-16

2) EXCOMMUNICATE YOUR EX AT ALL COST (his funeral is also off limits) ….just kidding….or not

3) Respect each others humanness. In other words, noone is perfect, especially you, so please go easy.

4) COMPROMISE (meet me half way)

5) Do not resolve conflicts through retaliation or rebellion.

Again, its whatever floats your boat. You do not have to take my advice, after all, I’m no expert.

S. Banton


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