Akil Pompey


  • How did you become a professional soccer player? After graduating University I decided that I wanted to keep playing football and the only option was to play professionally. Football has always been a big passion of mines and doing it professionally was something I wanted to achieve. Only through Hard work and sacrifice I was able to obtain my goal. After Graduating in 2010 it took two years of constant tryouts and setbacks before I was able to sign my first pro contract.

  • What steps did you take in your career to get to that point? Started in Trinidad at academy level playing for my dad’s team RSSR and also AlCONS.Secondary School Football for St Anthony’s College. Migrated to the US played at University of Bridgeport.

  • How was being on a professional soccer team different from your earlier experiences playing soccer? Its different because being a pro is an everyday process on and off the field A bit more pressure and criticism if you’re not at your best everyday. I think the approach and mindset are the two biggest differences.

  • Did you have to work any other jobs while you were playing soccer, or was soccer your primary occupation? If you did have other jobs, what were they? Yes I had many jobs in the past. My last job before I moved to Asia to play was at a Newsday LongIsland. I worked in the factory overnight loading trucks.

  • What was the relationship between the soccer team and the local community like? In Australia I played for a team by the name of Adelaide Cobras Fc. The Background of this team was Greek. In Adelaide there is a major Greek Community. I think when anyone saw or heard of Cobras FC they thought of an association with Greece.

  • Did you feel like you had the community’s support? Why or why not? Yes. I think we had the support of the Greek community because Greeks are very patriotic. They show massive support to the football team each week especially at all our home games.

  • How did the presence of a professional soccer club affect your local community? I thought that my club gave the community something to look forward too and talk about each weekend. Each Game was an event for the greek community to come out cheer on the team.

  • Did the level of community interest in your soccer club change over time? Did itincrease, decrease, or remain the same? Why do you think this happened? I thought the level of Interest increased throughout the season. Our club kept special events for e.g. dinners and poker nights for community to come out and just have a good time outside football. Also the First Team players would go to help out with coaching the younger kids at their sessions. I think showing the community that we appreciate them increased the support and interest of the club.

  • How would you describe the relationships between team members in your soccer club? I think the relationship among players in the locker room was good. everyone was easygoing and social.

  • Did you spend time together off of the soccer field, and if so, what kinds of things did you do? Yes. After practice on thursdays we will get together at the club house for a meal and drinks. (non Alcohol) Also after every home game we got together for dinner.

  • Have you stayed in contact with former teammates? Yes. Always good to stay in touch. Sometimes a Facebook message or even Skype chat now and again to see how old friends are doing.

  • Are there any specific SIgnificant individuals on your team that stand out in your memory? Yes. My roommate Sherwin. The thing that was significant to me about him was seeing him overcome obstacles in his personal and family life off the field and not letting this affect his effort and performance on the field. He gain a lot of respect an admiration from me.

  • What role has soccer played in your life? Its a bit cliche to say but Football is Life. For me the passion for this game never stops weather I’m playing or not. So many life lessons. College Education , Traveling the world, Friends and Teammates I’ve meet. I owe it all to football.

  • Did becoming a professional soccer player change your life or your family’s life off of the soccer field? Yes. I think it change my life off the field. The lifestyle change. The consciousness for self improvement. for example good eating and sleeping habits. Anything that would give me a competitive edge on the field. Family remains the same. just as supportive as they were before.

  • Do any particular events from your time as a professional soccer player stand out in your memory? What are they, and why were they significant?

Yes. I was on trial with a club in Vietnam. For the trial we played in a BDTV international tournament and the thing which stood out to me was how big the game of football is there. At training there are at least hundreds of fans coming to watch and take photos. for the tournament there were at least 10,000 fan at each game. Keeping in mind this is a per season tournament. watching the game on big stages like Europe and South America you would think that no where in the world could match the passion and craze but Vietnam for me was an eye opener.

  • What did you enjoy most & least about your time as a professional soccer player? Being Bless with the opportunity to do something I’m passionate about everyday. Not being able to see family and friends as much as I would like too.

  • Are there any other stories you would like to share or topics you would like to discuss?

Football is synonymous with life through the ups and downs the glory and the defeat even when things look vague as long as their is time on the clock their is hope. Any Thing is possible through God.

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