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Grandpa Take Me To T&T is a fun, rhyming, educational story about a little boy in Brooklyn whose desire is to go to his grandfather’s home country. Get swept away in this magically imaginative plea to visit Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinbagoians should be very excited. Author, Khamini Leston, expertly and effortlessly found the perfect way to pull the shores of Maracas Bay to the side of the Brooklyn Bridge. She wrote the story in 2010 when she returned to New York after her first visit back home since she migrated. It had been almost 2 years. With Trini soil still under her shoes and her luggage smelling like the sunshine it was dried by, Khamini was desperately homesick. She resorted to her God given talent and personal form of therapy. She channeled her sadness into a story about a child who had never seen but heard of everything she held dear.

On her journey to publish “Grandpa Take Me To T&T” Khamini gave birth to her own little New York born Trini; her son Joshua. This made her book even more dear to her, and she wanted even more to see it to completion.

The writing and illustrations (by Zakiya Gayle) flow perfectly leaving Trinibagonian parents nostalgic and their children curious and inquisitive. Don’t hesitate to add this instant classic to your collection.

Whey boy! Ah feelin’ for a doubles now…

Article by : Syndi Webster.

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