If you could pick one shoe to describe yourself, what would it be? Are you a classic pump, a Mary Jane, or are you a knee high boot kind of gal? When it comes to shoes, there is so much more than what meets the eye. Your shoe speaks volumes, of not just your style and taste, but of you in all aspects, I mean let’s face it, what outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes? For those who are classic pumps, you are the group of women who remain safe. Not too daring not to boring. It’s evident that a pump will go with absolutely everything, and the same goes for you. Any crowd or setting will work for you.

For those Mary Jane’s, you ladies are considered more professional, always work conscious, not too many happy hours after work for you. never liking to be taken out of your comfort zone. Then we have the Booties. These are the trendy women. The ones who follow the latest trends, while finding a way to make it her own. and last but not least, We have our Knee and thigh high boots. The “Hey look at me” Gals. Demanding attention at every entrance to a room. You girls are the risk takers who love to keep people talking. Not a care in the world one strut at a time. So with that said what shoe are you?

When shopping this season, keep in mind what comes along with each shoe. Each kind has a purpose. Maybe switch it up and walk on the wild side in new shoes ,,, Mary Jane can always be a boot girl once in a while, after all a Man did create the “heel” why not give him a show!

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