Leather is the New Denim


Remember when the only thing leather you would rock was a jacket? Well those days are long gone. Leather is sooo in right now and we can't get enough of it! No longer can we joke on our parents for wearing their leathers pants that most likely, have been in their closet since the 80’s. Truth is, they will fit right in with this new trend. It has become a “must have” accessory. Any occasion, you name it! Leather will achieve the look you need. From the office, to dinner, right to the club. Whether you want a Chic or a Sporty look, this simple material should be your new best friend! Leather skirts, leather vests, leather tops, leather shorts, even leather sleeve sweaters and hats for my guys. Need to spice a simple outfit up? THINK LEATHER!!!! Take a look at each of these looks and just imagine them in polyester or cotton….Boring!!! Ok maybe not Cici and JLo! But let’s face it, Leather just makes everything that much cooler!

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