Graduates took the time to catch up with Dj Paddy International, previously known as Infamous Paddy. Paddy, whose real name is Darnel Barthol was born September 2nd 1988 in San Fernando, Trinidad. Paddy started his career with the listening ear he had for music, and developed a love for reggae music, listening to radio stations 96.1 wefm & 98.9 respectively of Trinidad & Tobago. When asked who his mentor was, Paddy replied, “Dj Jazzy Jeff definitely had a great influence on me”. However, a lot of credit also goes out to DJ Diego formerly from 94.1 Boom Champions and 96.1 wefm. Paddy developed some of his early skills practicing with Dj Diego and now practically has his entire library.

Paddy’s first official paid gig was 5 years ago for the event ‘Touch D Sky,’ presented by Dev’s Barber Shop in Cocoyea South. His first official gig came along with a Cinderella story. Paddy had a short relationship with Dev’s sister, which gave him the opportunity to be introduced into the party world.

Darnel was eager to share with us that he was part of the last era of CD case Djs and evolved with time into the laptop generation. He bought his very first HP laptop in 2009 along with a Serato box which cost approximately $3500.00 TT dollars. “I was overwhelmed with joy!” he stated. Back then, Paddy was known as Infamous Paddy of the group Infamous Sounds in South Trinidad. With a smooth grin on his face, Darnel described to us the infamous days, stating that it was a huge foundation for his career. Infamous Sounds was popularly known for Friday nights at club Caution in South Trinidad. The funding for the $3500.00 Serato box actually came from these Friday nights savings,” which Paddy proudly stated.

Within one year after his first paid gig, Paddy’s career was jump started en he was introduced to Dj Intellect. Intellect was much more established than his patriot amateur Dj, and took Paddy under his wings, seeing a talent beyond experience. With Intellect as his mic man, Paddy juggled in front of thousands at a Jah Cure concert in 2009, followed by an appearance in the party ‘Funky Monkey’! Paddy also kept a close relationship with Dev, and today he is one of his main Dj’s for Dev’s Barber Shop Jouvert Band. Paddy continued to mature in South Trinidad, playing for the smaller radio stations and clubs.

Paddy’s spell in Trinidad ended shortly due to his permanent stay in the USA in 2010. Wait! Let’s backtrack a bit. While playing in Trinidad in club Edge, Paddy had drawn the attention of popular New York promoters Thief Head Crew’s (THC) very own Mileage. Mileage inquired about Paddy so much that Paddy heard of the interest before meeting the man himself. When Paddy finally met Mileage, the relationship flourished with Mileage actually becoming his mic man for the night. Upon the THC’s departure back to the US, Paddy stayed connected as he was a frequent flyer to the US.

It wasn’t too long after Paddy landed in the US that his foreign career started. Paddy was eager to say, “He told me, I will pass for you, for a party in Tikki Village,” referring to Mileage. Paddy’s HP Laptop failed him by then, so until he was able to afford a mac, Paddy was basically a Dj without a laptop. He described his introduction into the US Dj world as rough. At that party in Tikki Village, Paddy was left with no choice but to borrow fellow Dj and friend, ‘Tony For Real’s’ laptop to play. “It was really hard, I didn’t get to play the way I wanted to play, maybe I was nervous,” he stated.

Never the less, Paddy started brushing shoulders with Brooklyn’s best after being featured in most THC’s events such as, Buenos Dias and Mawning Neighbor. Graduates Ent. saw the same talent that many others agreed with and wasted no time in booking Paddy for the event ‘B2’ which marked the beginning of Graduates second year in the entertainment industry. Paddy demonstrated versatility and adapted to the circle like a newborn to a family. Moving forward Paddy had two homes, with THC and Graduates. He soon added a third home with a Dj-ing position at D’ Savannah every weekend.

With the move to the US and a new beginning, Infamous Paddy became Dj Paddy International. Many will say that they don’t know a Darnel Barthol, but many more will say they know Dj Paddy. Paddy described his experience in the US so far as a blessing. He had the pleasure of playing alongside reputable names such as DJ Private Ryan, Keinon Diehard, Back2Basics, TrippleThreat, PantrinVybz, Sachy & Dane, Natural Freaks and Platinum Sounds just to name a few. When asked who his inspiration was to continue in this career, Paddy said that it would be unfair to name only one person as he felt that everyone he came into contact with helped to mold him into the person he is today. “It was all pieces to the puzzle,” he said.

One thing you may not know about Dj Paddy is that he loves to cook. He recently earned a Certificate in Culinary Arts and you can always catch him in the kitchen. If you’re looking for Paddy you can find him at Graduates Headquarters juggling, and closely accompanied by a glass of Johnny Walker or Puncheon. On weekends you can definitely find him at D’ Savannah entertaining. Now if you cannot find him in any of the above places, be sure to give Mileage a call!

Intimate Q&A:

Question: What’s one thing you want people to know about you?

Answer: “I think that I would like people to know that I am constantly misunderstood because of my carefree demeanor. I am in fact a fun-loving character that is extremely humbled by the opportunities that are presented to me. I acknowledge my blessings every single day and strive for excellence in anything I set out to accomplish.

Be sure to Follow Dj Paddy on Instagram @DjPaddy88 Twitter @djpaddyintl and Facebook at DjPaddy Intl.

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