Founded in January of 2011 by a group of college graduates, Graduates Entertainment has taken the party circle for a new ride.

Graduates started in a basement that held 125 people maximum, and managed to squeeze an additional 25 people in. The first event, 'Black is Beautiful', was threaten by a snow storm, but then turned out to be a fun Trademark event interacted with an all-black theme and a super classy dress code. Stories still circle today rating BIB as one of the sweetest basement parties ever.


Graduates wasted no time continuing on the hype, leading to a bigger basement party, 'Graduation', then to the waters with 'INTIMATE'. Graduates Ended the first year the same way they started, this time facing a thunder storm in a plastic covered backyard. But as the saying goes, "rain only stops cricket". THNKQ the all-white appreciation party was a success in the rain, leaving supporters wanting one more event for the year.


Never the less, Graduates decided to lay low until the start of the New Year. Due to the introduction of many similar events with the Black is Beautiful phrase, Graduates decided to eliminate the phrase and emphasis on the letter. 'B2' badged the beginning of the 'B' signature marked by the anniversary year. Graduates, now above ground level leaving the basements behind; made a satisfying statement with both attendance and vibes. B2 was remembered as 'just enough space to bend your knee and whine!'.


The second year Introduced events that became permanent. From B2 & Graduation to REIV, Boonducks & THNKQ. REIV was literally introduced as taking the concepts and ideas from previous parties and dropping it on a Boat. REIV being the only Graduates boat ride every year; it is now  a recommended party chosen by the uptown's best.


And then there was BOONDUCKS! 200 Friends, Breakfast, Busride, Pool, Shots, Lunch, Foreign Djs, Vybz, Wine, Congo Line and the list goes on. It is best believed that boonducks cannot be described; you have to experience it for yourself. Be sure to RSVP way in advance, because boonducks is a guaranteed sold out event. The history is in the making, TO BE CONTINUED....


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